The gardens of Villa Taranto in Verbania, between Intra and Pallanza

The gardens of Villa Taranto in Verbania, between Intra and Pallanza, are known as one of the finest botanical gardens in the world. The result of passionate labour of the Scottish Captain McEacharn in 1931, the myriad of colors and scents marvelously landscaped over the garden enchant visitors from March to October.

The gardens have a traditional English style, though there is no lack of Italian features like statues, fountains, ponds, terraces, waterfalls – in short, all the ornamental elements that add some extra magic to this earthly paradise.

Villa Taranto’s garden has thousands of species of trees and flowers from all over the world, planted harmoniously over an area of around 16 hectares, crossed by 7 km of paths and avenues. It is impossible in a few words to describe the richness of color, scent, and emotional impact: eucalyptus, azaleas, rhododendrons, magnolias, port wine magnolias, maples, camellias, dahlias, tulips, lotus, heathers, dwarf asters, hydrangeas, dozens of tropical plants (including the giant water lily Victoria Amazonica).

From spring to autumn there are always flowers in bloom, with “special events” for certain species which are particularly spectacular in their season: the tulip week is in April, dahlias are at their best between July and October.

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